From combat to cooperation.

Turmoil in City Hall has kept Birmingham from moving forward as competing cities have outpaced us in attracting jobs, investment and new residents. O’Quinn has a long history of working with many organizations to make the city better.


From secrecy to transparency.

Citizens have been virtually locked out of the Council’s decision-making process – getting word of planned budgets and initiatives only after the key decisions have been set in concrete. O’Quinn has been actively involved in getting citizens engaged through the Citizens’ Advisory Board, and he will make sure the people of District 5 get to weigh in on critical matters before it’s too late.


From reckless spending to sound stewardship

O’Quinn understands that the city’s tax dollars belong to the people of Birmingham, the Council must exercise more careful stewardship over how funds are spent. He will support projects and initiatives that help improve transportation, create jobs, keep us safe and help our children succeed.